About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

The American Society of Arms Collectors was founded in 1953 as a permanent national organization for persons interested in the collection, research, study, and preservation of arms, armor, and accessories and accouterments; to establish and promote standards and ethics in research and dissemination of information pertaining to the history of arms and armor; and to promote and further the preparation, publication and distribution of scholarly literature pertaining to the development and history of arms and armor.

Our activities include:

  • Promoting friendship for those interested in the collection of arms, armor, and their accessories.
  • Opposing legislation injurious to the possession and collection of arms, armor, and accessories by responsible collectors.
  • Holding regular meetings:
    (a) to conduct society business;
    (b) where members may assist each other in locating items for their collections;
    (c) where members may display pieces from their collections for the education and pleasure of others; and
    (d) have papers and presentations on appropriate subjects.
  • Promoting and upholding the highest standards of honesty among arms collectors, and to expose and take vigorous action against any faking or misrepresentation of arms.

NOTE: Membership is limited to a maximum of 250 active members and membership is by invitation only.

Some Past Members and their Accomplishments

  • Robert Abels- an early and respected arms dealer in New York City
  • Howard L. Blackmore- author on British firearms history
  • LTC William S. Brophy- Marlin Firearms historian and authority on U.S. military rifles.
  • Val Forgett- founder of Navy Arms Co., and the force behind the creation of replica black powder firearms
  • Claud E. Fuller- author on Civil War and breech loading arms; donor of the Fuller Collection at Chickamauga National Park.
  • Craddock Goins- Curator of the Smithsonian Institution, Division of Military History.
  • Thomas E. Hall- Curator of the Winchester Gun Museum, and author on Winchester arms.
  • Berkeley R. Lewis- career Army Ordnance officer, researcher, and author of Small Arms and Ammunition in the United States Service.
  • Herschel C. Logan- historian and author on cartridges, and firearms ignition systems.
  • Harold L. Peterson- Head of National Park Service arms collections; author on Arms and Armor in Colonial America, and American Swords
  • Robert M. Reilly- author on U.S. military arms through the Civil War and also socket bayonets
  • William B. Ruger- founder of Sturm, Ruger & Co, and also an avid arms collector
  • Henry M. Stewart- Colt authority and donor of the superb collection at the Virginia Military Institute
  • Nathan L. Swayze- author on the definitive book on Colt 1851 Navy pistols