Research Funding

Members and nonmembers may make tax deductible donations, gifts and bequests
to benefit ASAC educational endeavors such as:

--- Scholarships
--- Publication Loans
--- Distribution of arms related historical educational material

A.S.A.C. Scholarships

Scholars and students may be eligible for a scholarship grant of $3,000 or $5,000 to pursue studies related to historical arms and armor, and to submit a paper with their findings to the Society, and in some cases make a presentation at a Society meeting.  Applications may be requested via e-mail on our "Contact Us" page.

$5,000 Scholarships have been awarded to:

  • 2004 -Joseph Seymour- "Philadelphia Ordnance and Organizational Structure of the Train of Artillery, 1747-1777"
  • 2008 - Kelly E. Williams - "Special Pisan 'Adapted' Tournament Armour for the Gioco del Ponte (Contest on the bridge)"
  • 2010 - David J. Naumec - "Pequot War (1636-38) European & Native Arms"
  • 2011 - Jonathan J. Tavares - "Form & Function of the Morion Helmet"

$3,000 Scholarships have been awarded to:

  • 2004 - Beverly A. Straube- The Arms, Armor and Artillery of the early 17th Century Colonists at Jamestown, Virginia."

Publication Loans

Loans will be made after consideration on an individual basis, with the intent of helping authors who have written important books on obscure subjects that would prohibit commercial publication.  Applications are available upon request.  Please go to the "Contact Us" section of the website to make such requests.

Distribution of arms related historical educational material

Funding will be provided for distribution of suitable material to appropriate locations. Each grant will be considered on its individual merits.

For further information contact:

ASAC Foundation

P.O. Box 460
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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