Bulletin Number  51 (Fall, 1984)
A Pattern To Work By
Nehrbass, Arthur F.

Henry E. Leman, Riflemaker
Hanson, Charles E., Jr.

Allen and Wheelock Percussion and Lip Fire Revolvers
Bassinger, Les

The British East India Company: Its Naval Operations
Hoffman, Clark R.

Antonin Vinzenc Lebeda, Master Gunmaker
Thomas, H.H.

Bulletin Number  52 (Spring, 1985)
The Obscure Confederate Sword Maker Jacob Faser
Harris, James C.

Collecting Confederate Swords... The Mystique
Edmunds, Fred

The Alteration of Virginia Manufactory Weapons 1813-1863
Cromwell, Giles

Fort Griffin and the Buffalo Sharps
Moore, Robert L.

The Maynard Rifle and Carbine in the Confederate Service
Madaus, Howard Michael

Natchez Its Glory and Its Guns
Sewell, J. Logan

Bulletin Number  53 (Fall, 1985)
Dutch Ivory-Stocked Pistols
Visser, Henk L.

A Picture Story.. [Smith & Wesson]
Jinks, Roy G.

Colt “Deringers.”
Lewis, George S.

Bulletin Number  54 (Spring, 1986)
New Orleans, 1815: The End and a New Beginning
Chenault, Lynn

The Edged Weapons of Kenansville, North Carolina, or How to Succeed in Business by Disposing of a Rascal Partner
Edmunds, Frederick R.

The Model 1833 North/Hall Carbine,- Type III
Schmidt, Peter A.

Blockade Running During the Civil War
Peery, Charles V.

A Postscript to Henk Visser’s Article in Bulletin 53
Visser, Henk

North Carolina Rifle Contracts of the Civil War
Madaus, H. Michael

Bulletin Number  55 (Fall, 1986)
Colt’s Efforts at Double Action
Marohn, Richard C.

The London Gunmakers and the Ordnance Office, 1590-1637
Stewart, Richard W.

A. Texas Pistol Makers of the Confederacy
Gary, William A.

The Marlin Firearms Company
Brophy, William S.

Bulletin Number  56 (Spring, 1987)
The U.S. Dragoons and Their Sabers
Armstrong, Don

Smith & Wesson Rarities, 1854-1900
Burghoff, David R.

“Gutta Percha” Pistol Cases
Eklund, Vern

Disguised Guns
Fink, David H.

Bulletin Number  57 (Fall, 1987)
A Roland for an Oliver
Hamilton, John D.

The Last Smoothbores; The Development of John A. Dahlgren’s Heavy Cast-Iron Ordnance for the U.S. Navy in an Era of Transition, 1848-1865
Schneller, Robert J., Jr.

Federal Taxation and the Arms Collector
Watson, John K.

Variations of the Model 1885 Winchester
Jones, Lawrence W.

Firearms Research: A Professional Approach; A Roundtable Discussion
Marcot, Roy M.; R.C. Marohn; G.D. Moller

Spruce Brook Mill: Simeon North’s Pistol Factory, Berlin, Connecticut
Crain, J. Larry & Allen R, Saltus Jr.

Bulletin Number  58 (Spring, 1988)
The Sharps 1851 Boxlock
Balentine, F.J. (Pablo)

Pugsley and Winchester gun collection
Pugsley, Edwin

Guns from below the Mexican borderG
anke, Paul

Early swords and sabors of the National Armory at SpringfieldE
Kellerstedt, Burton

David Crockett - The Alamo
Chenault, Lynn

Bulletin Number  59 (Fall, 1988)
George Schalk - Pennsylvania gunsmith
Truslow, Henry A.

Colt spur trigger pocket pistols 1870 - 1882
Sweeney, Fred

Colt 1848 pocket model
Pachanian, Sam

Claude E Fuller - Early days of gun collecting
Fuller, Claude

Ball-headed club of the North American Indian
Dresslar, Jim

Care and preservation of firearms
Peterson, Ron

Bulletin Number  60 (Spring, 1989)
Roman Legionary horsemen - arms armor and tactical role
Pavkovic, Michael

Rifle making in antebellum Georgia
Kennedy, Richard

Long rifles of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
Gewirz, Edwin N.

Dickson Nelson Confederate Alabama gunmakers
Jones, Douglas E.

Bay State Arms Company match rifle
Hamilton, John

Bulletin Number  61 (Fall, 1989)
The Story of the Rise and Fall of Sainte Marie Among the Hurons
Longfield, Gordon A. [G. Maxwell]

Powder Horns Carved in the Provincial Manner, 1744-1777
Guthman, William H.

Personalities at Saratoga
Leonard, Harmon C.

The Northampton County, Pennsylvania, School of Gunsmithing
Gabel, Ronald G.

Politics and Personalities at Harpers Ferry Armory, 1794-1861
Gavin, William

Bulletin Number  62 (Spring, 1990)
Mid-18th Century British Military Swords With Open “S” Panelen Guards: An Update
Darling, Anthony D.

Fur Trader’s Pistols
Hanson, Charles E., Jr.

The Mysteries of the Cass Repeating Rifle of Utica, New York
Janke, Paul C.

Lock, Stock and Barrel: The Henry Gunsmiths of Pennsylvania
Luhman, Hope Elizabeth

Bulls-Eyes and Sharpshooters
Suydam, Charles R.

Bulletin Number  63 (Fall, 1990)
Schützenfest: a German-American Tradition
Hamilton, John D.

John Meunier – Wisconsin’s Premier Gun Maker
Janecek, Howard E.

A Re-Examination of the English-Lock
Straube, Beverly Ann

The Primary 1807-1808 U.S. Martial Pistols
Wertenberger, James M.

Harpers Ferry Alteration of the Model 1841 Rifle
Beckford, M.D.

Lenard M. Brownell, 1933-1982: A Custom Gunmaker
Bailey, Harold, Jr.

Bulletin Number  64 (Spring, 1991)
One Northern Brother
Cleveland, John M. (Jack)

The “Evolved” Longarm in North America 1750-1850
Benninghoff, Herman O., II.

U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistols Navy and Army
Woods, H.B. (Luke)

Bayonet Belt Plates of the U.S. Army
Nannos, J. Craig & Frederick C. Gaede

Joseph Whitworth and His Guns
Brundage, William E.

Bulletin Number  65 (Fall, 1991)
18th Century English Trade Guns in the South, or The Carolina Gun and It’s Time and Place in History
Burke, Lee.

The Trail of a Walker
Janke, Paul C.

The Development of the Gatling Gun
Marcot, Roy M.

U.S. Navy Markings & Their Variations on Colt 1851 & 1861 Navy Model Revolvers, Percussion & Conversion
Pachanian, Sam