Bulletin Number  66 (Spring, 1992)
Hallowed Metal: A Perspective on Historical Arms
Sword, Riley

Louis Froelich: Immigrant, Sword Maker
Frawner, John T.

The American Flintlock Pistol and its English Antecedent
Flanagan, Edward R.

Lancaster Multi-Barrel Pistols
Cooley, David E.

A Brief History of Japanese Armour
Galeno, William A.

Bulletin Number  67 (Fall, 1992)
The Paneled Buttplate School of Southern Kentuckies
Dowd, J.A. (Arnie), II.

The Story of a Knife
Stapleton, Tom K.

The End of the Line: The Last Days of the Sharps Rifle in Montana
Mayberry, Gerald R.

Bulletin Number  68 (Spring, 1993)
Fort Washington and the Harmar and St. Clar Expeditions of 1790-1791
Guthman, William H.

Eli’s First Two Thousand
Marvin, Stephen D.

Samurai: Tokugawa Period (1603-1867) Arms and Armor
Hiener, Terry

Benjamin Mills, 19th Century Kentucky Gunmaker
Marsh, Glenn.

The Pocket Pistols (Pistolet l‘Écossaise) of Nicholas Noél Boutet
Taylor, Dean.

Bulletin Number  69 (Fall, 1993)
The Beginning , The End
Truslow, Henry A.

The Life, Times and Knives of W.W. Scagel
Lucie, Jim

The U.S.N. Niagara: America’s Emerging Navel Pride
Parker, Mike

The English Double Rifle
Beckford, M.D. (Chip)

Romance of the Old West
Logan, Herschel C.

Bulletin Number  70 (Spring, 1994)
The Tansel Family of Powder Horn Carvers
Dresslar, Jim

Jacob Hurd and the Boston Small Sword
Hamilton, John D

A Personal Reminiscence of Bashford Dean, and His Unpublished Talk, Circa 1920, “The Hobby of Collecting Ancient Armor.
Boorman, Dean K.

Tools and Procedures for Weapons Maintenance and Repair
Huckaba, G.W. (Bill)

How the Nineteenth Century Soldier Got His Stuff
Bazelon, Bruce

Bulletin Number  71 (Fall, 1994)
British Military Small Arms in North America, 1755-1783
Bailey, De Witt

John Williams’ Pistol
Gewirz, Edwin N.

Remington “Rolling Blocks” in the Horn of Africa
Dunn, John

Buffalo Guns & Adobe Walls
Mayberry, Gerald R.

Bulletin Number  72 (Spring, 1995)
The Last Confederate Sword
Tharpe, Donald R.

The Legacy of a Tidewater Gunsmith.—Thomas W. Cofer
Young, M. Clifford

Variations of the Leech & Rigdon Revolver
Meredith, Edward J.

Blades of Glory: Swords of the Scottish Infantry 1756-1900
Wood, Stephen

Two Kentucky Gunmakers. Part II: John H. Madople – 20th Century Gunmaker
Marsh, Glenn

Bulletin Number  73 (Fall, 1995)
The Restoration of a Nineteenth Century Kentucky Rifle
Sellke, Warren

The Carson-Beale Hawken – Its Identification and Recent History
Burke, Lee & Bill Pirie

Southern Longrifles Plain and Fancy
McKnight, Ray

Art and Archaeology and the Study of the American War for Independence
Benninghoff, Herman, II

Silver in the Fur Trade
Hamilton, Martha W.

Bulletin Number  74 (Spring, 1996)
Early Rifles of the Shenandoah Valley
Gusler, Wallace B.

Cypher Guns – Chief’s Guns of the Revolution
Burke, Lee. Wilson

Growing Dominance: The Rise of New York State Gunmakers, 1825-1875
Swinney, H.J.

The Tallassee Armory
Floyd, William B.

Some Examples of the Use of Firearms in the Mining Industry Circa 1860-1980
Bailey, Harold L., Jr.

The Faking of Palmetto Pistols
Schmidt, Peter A.

Bulletin Number  75 (Fall, 1996)
New Ways to Display and Interpret Arms and Armor
Wilson, Guy.

Defending Western Trails: Arms of the Eleventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 1862-1865
Nottage, James H,

Freund & Bro. The Union Pacific and “Hell on Wheels.”
Balentine, Floyd J.

The British Royal Cypher – 1660 to Present CRII-ERII
Wainwright, Peter Stuyvesant

Modern Day Homesteading in Wyoming
Jones, Larry

Bulletin Number  76 (Spring, 1997)
Remembering the Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, Their Commanding General, Jonathan M. Wainwright, IV, and his Weapons
Wainwright, Peter S.

The Sheffield Works
Stapleton, Tom K.

U.S. Stars and Stripes
Palmer, Robert D.

Napoleon’s Heavy Cavalry, the Cuirassier and Carabinier: Their Arms, Armor, and Tactics
Parrish, Ricky E.

A Newly Identified Kenansville Confederate Sword
McAden, John W., Jr.

Springfield Model 1795 Muskets to 1809: The Ashville Study
Eklund, Kellerstedt, Moller, Nehrbass, and Reid

The Henry Deringer Study – A Comparative Analysis of the Percussion Deringer
 Eberhart, Doug

Bulletin Number  77 (Fall, 1997)
General Thomas Jefferson Green and His Rifle
Guthman, William H.

Contract Rifles of the Texas State Military Board, 1862-1864
Madaus, Howard Michael

The Rarest Sharps
Sellers, Frank M.

Fanciful and Real: Hollywood Cowboy Guns
Nottage, James H.

Bulletin Number  78 (Spring, 1998)
Federal Ammunition for Civil War Breechloading Carbines and Rifles
Thomas, Dean S.

Steel Development for Guns
Swiney, H.J.

The New Constellation: Creating the American National Iconography
Bazelon, Bruce S.

Inspectors: Bureau of Ordnance – 1790 to Date
Van Horn, Thurston

Bulletin Number  79 (Fall, 1998)
The Halberd and Other Polearms of the Late Medieval Period
Snook, George A.

The Wurffleins of Philadelphia: Artisans at the End of an Era
Willadsen, Ronelle

Alvan Clark and the False Muzzle
Hamilton, John D.

The Iron Lady of Erie
Selenfriend, Steven & Ted Myers

100 Years of Tryon
Sadler, Robert A.

Bulletin Number  80 (Spring, 1999)
Early Pennsylvania Gunsmithing Schools
Gabel, Ronald G.

The Seven Deadly Pins – U.S. Rod Bayonets 1833-1903
Wainwright, Peter S.

This Henry Tells a Story
Truslow, Henry A.

Springfield Muskets from 1810 Through 1822: The Pittsburgh Study

Remarks of the President of the NRA Foundation
Froman, Sandra S.

Geronimo’s Surrender
Van Orden, Jay

The President’s Badge of Authority
Suydam, Charles

Bulletin Number  81 (Fall, 1999)
Broken Muskets 1783-1800
Benninghoff, Herman O., II.

Collecting Americana
Guthman, William H.

The Origin of the Palmetto Pistols
Southard, Lewis F.

Asa Holman Waters and the 1842 Musket
Ewing, John R.

Savage Arms” An Overview of the History, Development, and Classification of the .32 and .380 Semi-Automatic Pistols
Goulet, Waldemar M.

American Society of Arms Collectors and the Hagley Museum & Library