Bulletin Number  82 (Spring, 2000)
Oh, If it Could Only Talk
Foster, Charles L.

The Hale Rocket and Rocket Launcher—The American Connection
Phillips, Elmo

American Eagle Pommel Dirks – An Overview
Tuite, Peter

Damascus Steel and Crucible Steel in Central AsiaDamascus steel and crucible steel in Central Asia
Feuerbach, Ann

Francis Bannerman VI, Military Goods Dealer to the World
Demeritt, Dwight B., Jr.

Bulletin Number  83 (Fall, 2000)
The Savage Musket
Johnson, James R.

Trap Guns
Flanagan, Melvin

Marcellus Hartley – Merchant, Financier, Millionaire and Philanthropist
Marcot, Roy

A Brief History of English Pistol Dueling as it Applies to Gun Collectors
Mowbray, Stuart C.

Bulletin Number  84 (Spring, 2001)
Joshua Barstow and His 1808 Contract: A Story
Cooper, George D.

A Pennsylvania Gunsmith in the Context of the Early 19th Century
Flanagan, Edward R. Anthony Fricker

Identifying a Kentucky Long-rifle: The George Schreyer – John Fondersmith – JFS Connection
Marsh, Glenn

J. Fondersmith’s Patch Box
McKnight, Ray A.

Gunsmith Anecdotes
Hale, Robin

Bulletin Number  85 (Spring, 2002)
Remington Rifle Cane
Burka, Elliott L.

The Wilsons: Gunmakers to Empire, 1730-1832
Bailey, De Witt

 “A. Foulke, 1864” Tracing a Civil War Inscription
Polhemus, Marlan H.

Colt’s Frame .36 Caliber Percussion Pistols and “The Conventional Wisdom.” An Examination of the Pistols called by Collectors. The 1862 Police and the Pocket Pistol of Navy Size Caliber
Breslin, John D.

Small Arms Deliveries Through Wilmington, NC in 1863. The Impact on Confederate Ordnance Policy
Madaus, Howard Michael

A Forgotten Giant: A Brief Look at Military Small Arms Production at Steyr, Austria 1864-1900
Newland, Samuel J.

Bulletin Number  86 (Fall, 2002)
Tennessee, Some Rifles and a Carbine
Norton, George

Stevens Tip-Ups
Kyser, Thomas L.

Simeon North and the U.S. Model 1813 Pistol
Starbuck, Frederic L.

British Naval Edged Weapons – An Overview
Tuite, Peter

 Bulletin Number  87 (Spring, 2003)
1808 United States Contract Muskets
Reid, William M.

The Sublette-Beale Hawken
Burke, Lee.

Horace E. Dimick, Master St. Louis Gunsmith
Rapp, R.K.(Kip)

United States Surcharges: Continental Ownership of Arms and Accoutrements
Kessler, Rex

English Officers’ Holster Pistols of the Early Georgian Era
Chenault, Lynn M.

Bulletin Number  88 (Fall, 2003)
Henry Nock, Innovator
Wainwright, Peter S.

The Holstered Pepperbox
Butterfield, Robert

Robert P. Eldredge’s Billinghurst Cylinder Rifle
Graves, Frank

The Design, Marketing and Production Of Maynard Rifles
Goodwin, Max W.

A Plain Old Maynard Rifle
Holter, Robert M.

Bulletin Number  89 (Spring, 2004)
Eighteenth Century American Fowlers – The First Guns Made in America
Grinslade, Tom

Philadelphia Gunmakers and the Evolution of the “Maryland Sword.”
Andrews, Jacque

Rifle Caliber Artillery: The Gardner Battery Gun
Alley, James W., Jr.

Johannes Bonewitz – Master Gunsmith, Womelsdorf, PA
Bishop, Henry I.

Confederate Arms are Not Rare
Foster, Charles L.

Bulletin Number  90 (Fall, 2004)
The Connecticut Contracted ’61 Springfield: The Special Model to the “Good and Serviceable “ Arm
Nauamec, David James

The Parker Gun: Its History and Evolution
Parker, Louis C., III.

The Norwich Gun Industry
Salzer, Dick

The St. Albans Raid; The Confederate Raid on St. Albans, Vermont October 19, 1864
Hamilton, John D.

Harper’s Ferry Sword Bayonets Model 1841 and Model 1855
Berglund, Richard Lee

An Editorial, Baby Hammerless Revolvers
Sellers, Frank M.

Bulletin Number  91 (Spring, 2005)
Some Spanish Weapons in the American Revolution
Benninghoff, Herman O.  Jr.

Pennsylvania Contract Muskets – 1797 Arms Procurement Act
Stewart, David A & William M. Reid

Grandfather Beale’s Rifle
Edmunds, Frederick R.

The FBI Art Theft and the Impact on Collecting
Wittman, Robert

Bulletin Number  92 (Fall, 2005)
American Patriotic Swords and Dirks: Arms Celebrating the New Republic
Bethune, Jack

Production of Military Rifles by Remington Arms Company During World War II
Marcot, Roy M.

The Peabody Conversion Musket
Hull, Edward

U.S. Army Accoutrement Evolution Prior to the Civil War: The “Fenwick” Ordnance Board of 1837 and 1838 and the Infantry Cartridge Box
Gaede, Frederick C.

Swords of the Americas (Western Hemisphere Swords)
Weatherly, George E.

Bulletin Number  93 (Spring, 2006)
The Henrys: Gunsmiths and Arms Manufacturers
Gabel, Ronald G. & Robert A. Sadler

“Light the Match Load Away:” The Ordnance and Organizational Structure of the Philadelphia Artillery, 1747-1777
Seymour, Joseph

A Brief History of the Airgun of Meriwether Lewis and the Corps of Discovery
Schreier, Philip

1864 Attack on Washington, DC: A Day’s Difference
Polhemus, Marlan H.

Winchester Factory-Scoped .22 Caliber Rifles, 1937-1941
Rausch, Vincent L.

The Kit Carson-Ben Mills Story: Did Carson Really buy Guns from Mills in Harrodsburg in 1842
Burke, Lee

Early Marine Corps Swords
Cureton, Charles

Bulletin Number  94 (Fall, 2006)
Remington – The Early Years
Marcot, Roy M.

Third Model Colt Deringers Sold in England
Eberhart, Doug

Arms Makers in the Pioneer Valley
Hamilton, John D.

A Forgotten Giant: A Brief Look at Military Small Arms Production at Steyr, Austria, 1864-1945. (Part 2)
Newland, Samuel J.

The Battleground Shootout – Arizona Rangers Fight Smith Gang
McKnight, Ray A.

The Ames and Deringer Boxlock Story
Doyle, Paul A.

Bulletin Number  95 (Spring, 2007)
Le Mat & Co.: P.G.T. Beauregard and the American Le Mat Revolver
Adams, Doug  A.

What Can be Learned from the Landeszeughaus Wheellock Collection in Graz, Austria
Brooker, Robert E.

Characteristics of U.S. Naval Officers’ Swords
Doggett, Paul

Debunking the Fluck Myth: Colt Legends Die Hard
Salzer, Dick

Collecting Firearms Curiosa
Schneiderman, Matthew

Bulletin Number  96 (Fall, 2007)
Savage Pistols” The Birth of the .45 and the Savage Automatic Pistols
Brower, Bailey, Jr.

A Woman’s View of the Battle of the Brandywine as Seen Through the Eyes of Annie Doolin, Revolutionary War Camp Follower
Graham, Tobi

Gutta-Percha, Hard Rubber and Synthetics in Firearms
Hardman, James

Early New England Underhammers in the Style of the Ruggles Patent of 1826
Chandler, Nicholas L.

Rethinking “Damascus” Steel
Feuerbach, Ann

Myths of the Blunderbuss
Flanagan, Melvin