Bulletin Number  97 (Spring, 2008)
U.S. Model 1803 Prototype Rifle
Carrick, Michael F.

Why Kerrs?
Forgett, Valmor J.

Colonel James Carmeon – With Compliments of Colonel Colt
Truslow, Henry A.

Beautiful Rifles With Pointy Things
Berglund, Richard L. & Peter A. Albee

1792 and 1807 Contract Rifles
Flanagan, Edward R.

 Bulletin Number  98 (Fall, 2008)
William Jenks and the Revenue Marine Service Contracts
Doyle, Paul

Confederate Odyssey: The George W. Wray Jr. Collection at the Atlanta History Center
Jones, Gordon L.

The Trade in Sword Blades
Bazelon, Bruce S.

The Georgia Pistol Contract ... but for the Exigencies of Service
Southard, Lewis F.

Rethinking the Potter: The Truth Behind the Revolutionary War’s Ultimate Sword
Goldstein, Erik 

Combat Elegance: Edward Lindner, His Carbines, and the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
Cresswell, William Ray

Bulletin Number  99 (Spring, 2009)
Collecting Heavy Metal
Otoupalik, Hayes

All in the Family
Kaufman, Larry

Jim Baker, The Forgotten Man
Carter, David

A Trip to the Archives: A Practical Guide to Military Small Arms Research at the U.S. National Archives
Pate, Charles

Bulletin Number  100 (Fall, 2009)
Fabrique Nationale Fusil Semi-Automatique d”Infanterie (FSAI, SAFN, AT, or FN 49)
Alley, James E. Jr. and DeBin, John A.

The ‘Confederate’ Winchester
Michel, Benjamin P.

Some Thoughts on the Confederate LeMat Revolver
Edmunds, Frederick R

Engraved Remington No. 1 Rolling Block Sporting and Target Rifles
Marcot, Roy

New Hampshire Marked French Muskets of the Revolutionary War
Carroll, Michael R.

The Way West
Mulligan, Robert E. Jr.

Bulletin Number  101 (Spring, 2010)
John C. Garand’s Rifles: His Very Own
Cors, Allan D.

American Military Canteens of the Revolutionary War
Nannos, J. Craig and Kessler, Rex K.

The Confederate Powder Works at Augusta, Georgia
Blaker, Gordon A.

United State Naval Academy Fencing Foils
Truslow, Henry A.

Tracking Harpers Ferry Pistol Serial Numbers
Prawdzik, David

Indian Trade Guns: A Brief History, Mid 1600s to Early 1900s
Reid, William M.

Bulletin Number  102 (Fall, 2010)
The Thompson Submachine Gun Model of 1919
Hill, T. L.

CSI: St Valentine's Day Massacre
Lieutenant Kline  

The Gustloff Pistole
Adams, B.

The National Projectile Works
Hamilton, J. D. 

The other side of Ames Sword Company
Silvey, D. 

Bulletin Number  103 (Spring, 2011)
The Visual Language of Power: The Role of Equestrian Armor in Renaissance Europe
Olsen, D. D.

The U.S. Army Artillery Museum, Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Blaker, G. A.

John Peason: Gunsmith for Sam Colt
Pershing, R. 

The Longrifle Makers of Guilford County
Briggs, C. M.

Leech and Rigdon Revisited
Wall, K.

Spencer Sporting Rifles
Sears, M.

Bulletin Number  104 (Fall, 2011)
Virginia Manufactory of Arms: The Original Operating Years From 1802 Through 1821
Bell, C.D.

Officers Pistols of napoleon's Consular and Imperial Guard: 1799-1815
Taylor, D.

Proofs on Sterling Silver
Holter, R.

Edwin Budding and his Pepperbox: A 21st Century Update
Schneiderman, M.

The M 1861 Rifle Musket Contract of William Mason, Taunton, Massachusetts
Johnson, P. R. 

The Musket and Bayonet of Isaac Whitcomb, Continental Soldier
Albee, P.

Bulletin Number  105 (Spring, 2012)
The Morion: An Introduction to its Development Form, & Function
Tavares, J.

The First Battle of the War of 1812
Andrews, S. K.

A Note on Flint-locks and the Flintlock
Gooding, J. S. 

1795 Springfield Muskets:1795-1815
Reid, W. 

Thomas Morse: A Yankee Confederate Yankee Gunsmith
Carroll, M. and Jones, G. L.

MBA Gyrojet Mark I Model B Pistols and Carbines: Rocket Science Meets Reality
Spangler, J. 

Bulletin Number  106 (Fall, 2012)
.44 Caliber Flat Frame Dance Revolvers
Rogers, F.

Colt Brevete Revolvers: "The Final Chapter in the Colt Story"
 Marcot, R.

Winchester Firearms Exports to France in World War I
Carrick, M.F.

Automatic Priming Systems
Salzar, D.

Sigmund Seligman: A Santa Fe Trader and his Colt Revolver
Taylor, J.

Bulletin Number  107 (Spring, 2013)
Sharpshooter Weapons in the American Civil War 
Carlson, B.

Frisby T. Dix; Eighth Alabama Infantry Regiment
Ballard, R.

New Hampshire Gun Makers 1835-1875: The Percussion Era
Carroll, M.

The Yankee Gunsmith"  Insights Into an Early 19th Century Boston Gun Shop
Chandler, N.  & A.B. Fairbanks 

Smith & Wesson at the Worlds Columbian Exposition
De Rose, P.

Jonathan Hennem and his Screwless Lock
Paine, J. 

Bulletin Number  108 (Fall, 2013)
Barney Benjamin Day - Soldier - Indian Fighter - Buffalo Hunter - Gold Miner - Homesteader - Father - Politician
Carter, D. 

Brief notes on Three Subjects
Houze, H. G.

The Bullard Rifle , James Herbert Bullard, Inventor
Weicht, G.

M1 Carbine From Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944
Ewing, J.

Bulletin Number  109 (Spring, 2014)
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Without a Shot Fired: The 1934 Capture of the Dillinger Gang in Tucson
Benjamin, S.

Georgre Albert Fairfield and his sharps M1874 Sporting Rifle
Sears, M.

Tombstone In Fantasy and Reality
Mulkins, K.

When No One Had a Camera, Edward Zinns Painting of the Tully & Ochoa Wagon train Fight
Orden, J. van 

A survey of Model 1808  S. North Naval Pistols
Martin, F. and Southard, L.

Roberts Conversion Muskets, Rifles, and Carbines
Hull, E.

Bulletin Number  110 (Fall, 2014)
[NOTE- titles listed for public information, but access to recent articles limited to ASAC members only via Members Area as a benefit of membership.]
English Gunmaking In The 18th Century: Gunmakers or Screwers together? 
Weaver, D. S.

James Reid's Catskill Knuckledusters
Reid, J.

Major Genral Amos Hall's Impossible Assignment: Defend Buffalo from Destruction
Bell, C. D.

History of Medicine: Civil War Surgery
Johnson, P. R.

Bulletin Number  111 (Spring, 2015)
[NOTE- titles listed for public information, but access to recent articles limited to ASAC members only via Members Area as a benefit of membership.]
Firearms of the Minister of State under Louis XIV and an Aristocratic Dilettante in the Court of Louis XV
Houze, H.

Swords of the Tabor Light Calvery of Lesdville, Colorado
Bethune, J.

Winchester Model 1895: the WWI Russian Contract
Carrick, M.

A Luger Short Story
Eckert, J.

Samuel Pauly and I: an Ignition Odyssey
Schneiderman, M.

Guns to Save Lives: an Introduction to Line Throwing Guns
Spangler, J.

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum
Starbuck, R. and Supica, J.