Bulletin Number  112 (Fall, 2015)
Rifles and Bayonets of the German American Turners
Albee, Peter

James Haslett, Baltimore Gunsmith and the War of 1812
Gaede, Frederick C.

Jacob Markley - a Frontier Gunsmith
Flanagan, Edward

Colts Award to Robert Dickie Stannus
Carrick, Michael

How should I (or my heirs) go about selling my collection by auction? 
Bell, Craig

Bulletin Number  113 (Spring, 2016)
Recent Discoveries in Swords by American Silversmiths
Bethune, Jack

The Cook Brothers Confederate Armory
Templeman, Penn

North Carolina Schools of Longrifles 1765-1865
Ivey, William

Could my Bayonet be Confederate? 
Johnson, Paul D.

The Confederate States Armory at Ashville, a Study in Confederate Defeat
Jones, Gordon L.

Bulletin Number  114 (Fall, 2016)
Renovating the Cody Firearms Museum
Hlebinsky, Ashley

The Charleston City Guard and their Muskets
Rentschler, Mark

Civil War U.S. Martial Henry Rifles and an Examination of Engraved U.S. Veterans Volunteer Infantry martial Henry Rifles
Rausch, Vince

The Early Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Rifle as Issued 1902-1932
Brumbaugh, Kirk

1794/1798 U.S. Contact Muskets - The Political and Military Situation that Precipitated these Contracts and a Summary of the Contracts and Contractors
Reid, Bill

Bulletin Number  115 (Spring, 2017)
Colonel for a Year
Shepard, Ralph

Joseph Perkin Arms the Revolution
Skic, Matthew

History of the Savage Revolving Arms Company
Thomson, Ken

James H. Merrill and the Cannon by the Door
Bergland, Richard L. and Harrington, Frank S.

Great War Galilean Optical Sniping Sights – Past and Present
Maze, Bob

The Palmetto Rifle – an Examination of Survivors
Novy, Fred

Bulletin Number  116 (Fall, 2017)
Jedediah Smith, the Man who Opened the Far West
Von Damm, Milton

Max Bryan, his Gas Trap M1 Garand
Dillman, George

Caude Roy: Graveur Sur Tous Metaux au Chariot d’Or
Houze, Herbert

U.S. Military Marksmanship: Indoor Gallery Practice 1858-1921 – Doctrine, Methods and Equipment
Spangler, John

Hemingway’s “Lost” Guns, Cuba’s Finca Vigía gives up its Secrets
Calabi, Silvio, Helsley, Steve and Sanger, Roger